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Traditional British railway architecture is unique and has a rich and varied history. Station buildings are often defined by pitched roof forms with intricate timber detailing. Many stations have retained these characterful buildings others have been replaced by inward facing passenger hubs which often fail to create relationships with existing landscape and built environment. We decided to abandon the idea of an isolated building and are proposing in its place an entity using the elements that constitute a station (wall, canopy, foot bridge) in order to create a new compositional arrangement.

The proposal aims to encompass and shelter all of the station's functions whilstresponding on all sides to its context. The elegantly curved canopy with its almost floating structure creates an inviting atmosphere for travellers and allows a play of sunlight on the platforms below. By constructing the roof with freestanding glulam columns, the programme beneath can easily be adapted to numerous sites and easily assembled , demounted, upcycled and reused — future-proofing the station for potential changes in passenger numbers and commercial facilities.






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