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Lockdowns have turned homes into fortresses of solitude, with many people working in makeshift conditions that lack daylight, aspect and a sense of connectedness to the outside world. After a few months of working from home, every day begins to feel the same and many people have experienced boredom and monotony, constant fatigue, loneliness and isolation.

Com-View-Nism’s simple solution uses sustainable and widely available materials to create a pop-out window extension that serves as a workspace. A folding floor and structural side walls combined with a concertina ETFE shell to provide naturally-lit space that extends from an existing window opening, connecting with the street and neighbours.  The space can be visually separated from the home by simply pulling down a blind, creating a flexible and well-lit work area with great views out. The pop-out workspace combines localised task lighting with natural daylight, creating lighting for optimum facial rendition in virtual meetings against a neutral background.'





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